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The 2024 Major Challenge to Bump Out Cancer

A personal campaign sponsored by Jim Kraemer

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Well friends, another year has come and gone, and gone as well, are more friends and family at the hands of cancer.  Eight years ago, we started this fundraiser in the name of our dear friend Kimberly Major, who courageously fought, but eventually succumbed to her battle. This year, as if I needed it, I was painfully reintroduced to the struggle by the loss of my mother Louise Beaty, and my good friend, Paul Bargas. Once again, I am here to ask you to find it in your hear and your pocket book, to help us raise money to fight against the painful struggle with this dreaded disease. This year, I am honoring the life of both my momma, and my friend Paul. Paul would have been sixty a few weeks ago, on February 7th, if cancer didn't finished it's silent march just a few weeks before. This Sunday, February 25th, I will ski the Talons Challenge once again, and then attempt to complete sixty thousand vertical feet of skiing in his honor, and to celebrate my sixtieth march around the sun. In May, I plan to visit Mammoth Mountain, in a way my home hill, to spread some of my mom's ashes in a place where we shared so many memories. Donations are always very much appreciated, but if you have lost someone to, and would like to commemorate them, or pay tribute to someone still courageously battling a fight with cancer, please consider joining our team. You will get your own page to share your story on, and invite those who might also like to, to join us, Just click on the "join our team" button. There is power in numbers. Thank you with all of my heart, to everyone who helps us in this perpetual battle. 

About the V Foundation for Cancer Research

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded in 1993 by ESPN and the late Jim Valvano, legendary North Carolina State University basketball coach and ESPN commentator. The Foundation has funded over $353 million in cancer research grants nationwide. The V Foundation awards 100 percent of direct donations to cancer research and related programs. The V Foundation’s endowment covers administrative expenses. The Foundation awards peer-reviewed grants through a competitive award process strictly supervised by a Scientific Advisory Committee. For more information on the V Foundation, please visit